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Essential Oil Blends for Aromatherapy Diffusers

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We’ve transformed three of our signature scents into essential-oil blends for use in your oil diffuser or aroma lamp.

All our oils are hand-blended in London using only the purest ingredients and 100% natural fragrances. Each one brings with it a range of aromatherapy benefits to boost your well-being while making your home smell divine! From soothing and calming your mind to uplifting your spirits and making you feel more energised, there's a blend to suit every mood and any moment!


Choose from three of our signature fragrances, or select 'set of three' above to receive one of each and save £9!

Florence is an aromatic blend of bergamot, patchouli and lavender – perfect for any time you want to create a tranquil and relaxing ambience. It’s an ideal choice for bedtime, as lavender has been proven to help you fall asleep and get better-quality rest.

Malala is a refreshing blend of lemongrass, geranium and lemon that boosts energy and promotes mental clarity while detoxifying the air in your home. Diffusing it while you’re working or studying can really help you focus.

Rosa is a floral blend that brings together rosewood and rose geranium – both helpful for soothing anxiety and creating positive energy.


Oil diffusers are a wonderful way to fragrance your home without any of the toxins contained in traditional air fresheners, plug-ins and mass-market candles made from paraffin wax.

Essential oils can infuse any space with a beautiful, lasting scent in minutes, and their aromatherapeutic power can really enhance your well-being. When you use a diffuser, it's easy to switch up your oils to match your mood or meet your needs – some days you might want a little help sleeping, for example, while other times you may need to think more clearly or calm your worries.

An essential-oil diffuser is also a great choice if you have young children or pets and are concerned about burning candles at home. There’s no flame and you can even get models with a timer, so they automatically switch off and stop diffusing after a set period of time.


Aromatherapy diffusers work by releasing essential oils into the air in a fine mist of tiny droplets.

Simply mix a few drops of your chosen essential-oil blend with water, replace the lid and switch on your diffuser.


If you select 'set of three' you'll receive one of each scent.

It’s important to us that we minimise our environmental impact, so our essential-oil blends are delivered to you in mostly recyclable packaging.

Your purchase enables us to proudly support Women for Women International, a charity that helps female survivors of war rebuild their lives. We’re currently sponsoring a woman through the charity’s Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme, so she can transform her life and inspire hope for the future. (UK Charity Registration Number: 1115109.) 


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